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Neil Davidge ‘Halo 4 OST Vol.2′ is Now Available on YouTube

Listen to 'Halo 4 OST Vol.2' by Neil Davidge on YouTube: … [Read more...]

“Halo 4″ OST Exclusive Soundtrack T-Shirt And Special Edition Bundle Re-Release April 1st 2014

"HALO 4" OST EXCLUSIVE SOUNDTRACK T-SHIRT AND SPECIAL EDITION BUNDLE RE-RELEASE APRIL 1ST 2014 New and exclusive Halo 4 Original Soundtrack T-shirt plus Collector’s Edition Soundtrack box-set for re-release on April 1st 2014. The complete Halo 4 OST, remix CD, 70-minute DVD of ‘Composing A Universe’, 12” Picture Disk Vinyl, 48 Page Book and exclusive art print together with a brand new exclusive Halo 4 soundtrack T-shirt for release on April 1st 2014. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, … [Read more...]

Read This Great Feature And Review of Davidge’s Solo Album ‘Slo Light’ on Electronic Sounds Magazine!

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Review: ‘Slo Light’ by Davidge Rated 8.5/10 by Vents Magazine

Vents Magazine reviewed 'Slo Light', the first solo album of the famed producer Neil Davidge (Massive Attack, Halo 4) "Slo Light is not your typical record. Titled track kicks off the album and immediately you can hear some of Massive Attack in with awesome and dreamy beats with the vocals really gives a special touch to the song, not sure why but it somehow takes me to some kind of Trip Hop opera. “Gallant Foxes” it’s a more upbeat track, Catie Le Bon high pitch vocals fits … [Read more...]

Neil Davidge ‘Slo Light’ Vinyl And CDs are available on The Omega Order now

Go and grab your copy of Neil Davidge's album 'Slo Light' on The Omega Order   Get them HERE … [Read more...]

Davidge (Famed Massive Attack Producer, Halo 4 Composer) Releases New Video || ‘Slo Light’ Out Now Via The End Records

DAVIDGE (Famed MASSIVE ATTACK Producer and HALO 4 Composer) RELEASES NEW VIDEO 'SLO LIGHT' OUT NOW VIA THE END RECORDS MEDIA ALERT New York, NY (March 10, 2014) - Today famed MASSIVE ATTACK Producer and HALO 4 Composer Neil Davidge releases his new video for 'Home From Home' Featuring Low Roar. His highly anticipated debut solo album 'Slo Light' is available now via The End Records! Neil Davidge worked closely with director Stephen Discipline (Discipline Design Associates) and Adam … [Read more...]

Watch Davidge’s Favorite Videos on YouTube

Award-winning producer/songwriter Davidge selected some of his favorite YouTube Videos! … [Read more...]

Read Alarm Magazine’s Review Of Davidge’s Album ‘Slo Light’ Included In Their Best Albums

Alarm Magazine reviewed Neil Davidge's new album 'Slo Light' and listed it in Best Albums! Davidge’s spare, thumping electronica propels the music forward as it makes space for a different singer to shine on almost every tune. A bevy of thick accents gives the album a refreshingly British flavor. Read the review HERE Check Alarm Magazine's Best Albums HERE … [Read more...]

Davidge (Famed Massive Attack Produce And Halo 4 Composer) Releases Debut Solo Album || Hear It Now! Stream The Full Album On Crave Online

DAVIDGE (FAMED MASSIVE ATTACK PRODUCER AND HALO 4 COMPOSER) RELEASES DEBUT SOLO ALBUM 'SLO LIGHT' AVAILABLE NOW ON THE END RECORDS HEAR IT NOW! STREAM THE FULL ALBUM ON CRAVE ONLINE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (February 25, 2014) - Famed MASSIVE ATTACK Producer and HALO 4 Composer DAVIDGE is proud to present his debut solo album 'Slo Light' out today in North America via The End Records. Featuring a bevy of up and coming indie artists such as Cate Le Bon, Emi Green and Sandi … [Read more...]

Exclusive Album Premiere: Listen to Davidge ‘Slo Light’ on CraveOnline

Davidge's first solo album 'Slo Light' will be out tomorrow, but first, listen to the album on CraveOnline! 'A cornerstone of Massive Attack’s pioneering trip-hop strengths, legendary record producer, songwriter, musician and scorer Neil Davidge, embarks on a solo journey this week with the release of his new album, Slo Light. Set to be released on February 25th in the U.S. (ANZ Feb 28th, UK and ROW Mar 24th – pre-order now) via The End Records and 7 Hz … [Read more...]

Pre-Order Davidge’s ‘Slo Light’ on The Omega Order || Album out tomorrow

Last chance to pre-order exclusive bundles for Davidge's new album 'Slo Light'   Get your exclusive bundle on The Omega Order … [Read more...]

Exclusive Interview: Davidge talks with Love Is Pop about ‘Slo Light’

Read this interview of Davidge with Love Is Pop Did you write the songs on Slo Light entirely by yourself and then find people to sing them or did you write them with the singers? I co-wrote the songs with each of the singers except for ‘Riot pictures’ which I wrote with Robert from Massive Attack. I’m not much of a lyricist although I did have a period when I was a singer myself and tried my best to write the words. These days I prefer to collaborate on the songs, it’s a lot … [Read more...]