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Crossfaith Interview from Warped Tour

JBringling Interviews Crossfaith in Cleveland at Warped Tour "The song writing skills of this band is off the charts." -JBringling JBringling interviews Crossfaith at the Cleveland stop on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour. Crossfaith, who Bringling describes as a "breath of fresh air" in the screamo genre, discuss everything from the Warped Tour to karaoke, what "future metal" is, and their current favorite bands to see and listen to. Prepare also to be surprised by their song choice for the end … [Read more...]

Crossfaith in Top 20 on iTunes Metal Chart

"APOCALYZE" #14 on iTunes Metal Chart Crossfaith are tearing it up on the iTunes Metal Chart, hitting the #14 spot with their album  "APOCALYZE," which was released on September 3rd. "APOCALYZE" also featured in the "New and Noteworthy" chart on iTunes! … [Read more...]

New Releases Out Today: Crossfaith ‘APOCALYZE’ and Eklipse ‘Electric Air’

Crossfaith 'APOCALYZE' and Eklipse 'Electric Air' Are Now Available! Crossfaith 'APOCALYZE' You can also order it on The Omega Order Eklipse 'Electric Air' You can also order it on The Omega Order … [Read more...]

Crossfaith Interview from Warped Tour on

Crossfaith sit down and chat with at Warped Tour 2013 Crossfaith are interviewed by Allison with after their Warped Tour set in St.Louis, MO. The band talk about their US tour, shows at Summer Sonic Festival in Japan and Reading Festival in the UK, and their future Japanese and Australian tours. The guys also discuss about the song-writing process and musical influences behind their new album, "APOCALYZE," which comes out September 17th. Watch the full interview HERE. … [Read more...]

Oregonmusicnews Reviews Crossfaith’s “APOCALYZE”

Crank Crossfaith's "APOCALYZE" to 11! That's Ruben Mosqueda's advice regarding this late-summer release. "Apocalyze is a 50+ minute pummeling which includes break-downs, MIDI sequences, thrashy riffs and a battalion of beats" says Mosqueda, who also notes that "Crossfaith will turn the metalcore scene on its ear." Check out Mosqueda's full review HERE, get the album HERE, and prepare to have a new favorite band. … [Read more...]

Rave Reviews: Crossfaith, “APOCALYZE”

Crossfaith's "APOCALYZE" gets 8/10 from ChrisCave for gives an in-depth and shining review of Crossfaith's "APOCALYZE." Early on in the review he notes: "Yes they’re blowing up now, and once this album releases officially… they’re going to blow up like crazy.  I stand by that, because off all of the hard work that they put into this album." Chris goes through the album track-by-track, and gives it a whopping 8/10! Read the … [Read more...]

JRocker FanClub U.S.A:Track by Track Review of ‘APOCALYZE’

JRocker FanClub U.S.A. Track by Track Review of Crossfaith's 'Apocalyze' "The album had a really good concept from beginning to end, and showcases that Crossfaith is a band who really enjoys performing and creating great music. I cannot wait to see what the band will have next in the horizon, and I am very anxious to attend their next live performance." To read the full review, click HERE … [Read more...]

Crossfaith’s “APOCALYZE” Review on New Noise Magazine

New Noise Magazine Gives Crossfaith's New Album a 3/5 "Japanese electronicore band Crossfaith is now well into its seventh year of existence, and despite their relative youth, they are one of the biggest bands at the forefront of the next –core phenomenon: electronicore. In fact, the Osaka quintet’s latest output, APOCALYZE, could not have sounded more current, feeling like The Path of Totality (Korn, 2011) version 2, only with more –core than nu-metal in it." To read the full … [Read more...]

Crossfaith’s ‘APOCALYZE’ is Now On Special On Amazon!

Pre-Order the New Crossfaith's 'APOCALYZE' on Amazon … [Read more...]

Crossfaith’s “APOCALYZE” Review by

Crossfaith's new album, "APOCALYZE" receives rave review from Bruce Moore at "Apocalyze" is Crossfaith's new studio album, and "... packs a serious, high-energy metalcore punch but with a bit of a twist; a healthy dose of electronic instrumentation and a good amount of dub step mixed in as well" says Moore. Moore gives "APOCALYZE" a massive 8.7/10! To read the full review, click HERE. Pre-order your copy of "APOCALYZE" now at the Omega Order and receive an … [Read more...]

Watch the Exclusive Crossfaith’s New Lyric Video for ‘Hounds Of The Apocalypse’ on Artist Direct!

Crossfaith's New Lyric Video for 'Hounds Of The Apocalypse' is Now Available on Artist Direct 'Release the dogs...the "Hounds of the Apocalypse." ARTISTdirect has teamed up with metallers Crossfaith to premiere their lyric video for "Hounds of the Apocalypse" from APOCALYZE, out September 3 via The End Records.' Watch it HERE … [Read more...]

Crossfaith’s Video for ‘Eclipse’ is Now Streamed on MTV Iggy!

Watch the new Crossfaith's Music Video for 'Eclipse' on MTV Iggy! "Japanese metalcore band Crossfaith shows what rebellion looks like in the touchscreen age in “Eclipse.” They’ve got their guitars, synths and amps set to clip, a fancy auto, and a rage against the machine." Click HERE to watch the video! … [Read more...]