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Buy Anvil ‘Hope In Hell’ and Get a Free Water Bottle on Here’s The Metal!

Don't forget to purchase your Anvil's 'Hope In Hell' Cd to have a Free Water Bottle on Here's The Metal! … [Read more...]

Anvil ‘Hope in Hell’ Review at The Aquarian Weekly

The Aquarian Weekly Reviews Anvil 'Hope in Hell' "Hope In Hell is full of heavy riffs, with the bass following the guitar’s lead and pounding drums that really add energy into the music. This is a brilliantly produced album that demonstrates how this band has influenced some of the more notable groups of the metal genre." - The Aquarian Weekly Read the full review HERE. … [Read more...]

Anvil ‘Hope in Hell’ Now Available on Spotify

Anvil 'Hope in Hell' Now Available on Spotify   Listen HERE!   … [Read more...]

Listen to Interview with Lips from Anvil at Alan Cross

Lips From Anvil Chats with Andrew Epstein for Alan Cross "It's been extraordinarily busy. For the last six years it's been unbelievable, actually, nonstop; and that's writing, recording, touring, writing, recording, touring, nonstop. Is it hard? No, it's been a long time coming, you know? I can't do enough, that's how I feel about it. How do I compete? Actually it's the other way around, how do they compete with us? How do you compete with a band that's had thirty years of experience on … [Read more...]

‘Here’s The Metal’ Special Merch Offer Includes Anvil

Here's The Metal Sale: Free Water Bottle with Purchase of Anvil "Hope in Hell" Get a free water bottle from Here's The Metal with purchase of Anvil's "Hope in Hell"! Head HERE to check out the many participating locations.   … [Read more...]

Amps and Green Screens Interviews Lips From Anvil!

Read Lips from Anvil's Interview by Amps and Greem Screens 'By now most of you know the Anvil story. And if you haven’t seen Anvil! The Story of Anvil, then shame on you. It is one of the best stories you will ever see. And hopefully, after seeing it, and reading this interview, you guys will truly have an appreciation for one of the good guys in metal. And I also hope this inspires some of you to check out the new CD Hope In Hell (it totally rocks!), and some previous works. They’re … [Read more...]

SPECIAL ‘Canada Day’ Playlist On Spotify!

In honor of our Canadian friends Anvil, listen to our special Spotify playlist of choice tracks for Canada Day. … [Read more...]

“Lips From Anvil Is One Of The Good Guys” – Examiner Interview

"Lips from Anvil is one of the good guys" "We’d get into rehearsal and just start playing, and writing songs quickly. Because that’s when the truest magic is, when you’re not overthinking things, and you just let them naturally flow. That’s what we did with our earliest albums, because we didn’t know any better (laughing)! It was just complete innocence. For example, on “Flying”, we were in the heat of it, and I went to work on the solo, and Robb says to me, “Well, hurry … [Read more...]

Anvil and Spirits of the Dead on WEOS “Metallic Onslaught” This Week

Spirits of the Dead and Anvil on WEOS Metallic Onslaught For the week of July 01, 2013 ADDS Autopsy Newsted Orphaned Land Huntress Ivanhoe SPINS Scorpion Child - Salvation Slave Activator - ...the Whole Fuckin' Village Into The Flood - Eye For An Eye Orphaned Land - Let The Truce Be Known The Lone Tree In The Woods That Liked Us All - Realizing What Is Possible Newsted - Long Time Dead Autopsy - Running From The Goathead Every Knee Shall Bow - Slayers Of … [Read more...]

This Week on WORT-FM Mosh Pit: Anvil and Spirits of the Dead

Anvil and Spirits of the Dead on WORT-FM Mosh Pit This Week   Current Release Spins (Alphabetical) ================================================= Artist Song Disk Label   Amon Amarth As Loke Falls Deceiver of the Gods Metal Blade Records Anvil Call Of Duty Hope in Hell THE END Better Left Unsaid Mr. Dark Better Left Unsaid Epochal Black Dahlia Murder Goat of Departure Everblack Metal Blade Black Sabbath End Of The … [Read more...]

Eklipse, Anvil, Spirits of the Dead this week on WEOS The Metallic Onslaught

Spirits of the Dead, Eklipse, and Anvil on WEOS Metallic Onslaught For the week of June 24, 2013 ADDS Dio Scorpion Child Havok August Burns Red Eklipse Fejd Fight Or Flight SPINS Dio - Fever Dreams Queens Of The Stone Age - I Sat By The Ocean Jorn - I Came To Rock Moon Curse - Black Elk Metallica - Trapped Under Ice Havok - Worse Than War Darkane - Collapse Of Illusions Brutus - Square Headed Dog Amon Amarth - We Shall Destroy Kalmah - Pikemaster Extol - … [Read more...]

Anvil Contest: Enter to Win an Autographed Vinyl Copy of Hope In Hell and a Sony PSLX300USB turntable

Exclusive Anvil Contest! Anvil are this week’s featured artist with their new album Hope In Hell …Enter here to win an autographed vinyl copy of Hope In Hell and a Sony PSLX300USB turntable. This week we will also pick 3 runner-ups who will each win an autographed vinyl copy of Hope In Hell. You can pre-order the Hope In Hell vinyl here: … [Read more...]