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Anvil’s “Lips” Interviews with Sleaze Roxx

Steve "Lips" Kudlow of Anvil Interview on Sleaze Roxx "Lips"  is interviewed on Sleaze Roxx and discusses all things Anvil; the movie, the band, the albums, and the future. And, according to "Lips",  the future is bright: "We're about eight songs deep in the next album already so they'll be another album. They'll be more touring. There's more." Check out the full interview HERE! … [Read more...]

Hard Rock and Metal Deals on Amazon Extended

New Hard Rock and Metal Releases Sale on Amazon Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Amazon are extending their Metal Deals sale until November 18th so now is the time to pick up those brand new releases you've been dying to get your hands on.... Check it out HERE! Included in the deals are: Anvil - "Hope In Hell" Helloween - "Straight Out Of Hell: Premium Edition" Krokus - "Dirty Dynamite" Lordi - "To Beast Or Not To Beast" American Sharks - "American Sharks" Axewound - … [Read more...]

Metal And Halloween Are On Amazon This Month

Check out the Metal Deals on Amazon with The End's CDs! This Month Amazon Feature: Krokus 'Dirty Dynamite' Crossfaith 'APOCALYZE' Helloween 'Straight Out Of Hell' Funeral For A Friend 'Conduit' Danzig 'Red Sabaoth' Lordi 'To Beast Or Not To Beast' American Sharks 'American Sharks' Anvil 'Hope In Hell' While She Sleeps 'This Is The Six' HIM 'XX: Two Decades Of Love Metal'     … [Read more...]

Interview with Anvil on Full Throttle Rock

Full Throttle Rock Interviews Anvil's Steve "Lips" Kudlow "Life is about moving forward continuing to find fulfillment and that is precisely what we intend to do. As success gets closer the farther it seems away, we are still hungry and filled with desire." -Steve Kudlow Dave Smiles interviews Anvil's "Lips" Kudlow for Full Throttle Rock and talks equipment, the documentary, the music industry, and the inspiration for Anvil's latest album, Hope In Hell. Read the full interview HERE. … [Read more...]

Anvil ‘Hope In Hell’ All Week on Steel 93 Radio

 Steel 93 Radio is back and will play Anvil 'Hope In Hell' this week! The STEEL 93 Time Machine has landed in the year 2013. We not only inform you of Rock 'N' Roll's glorious past, but it's current splendor here & now. This week you'll hear songs from the following 2013 albums:   Wolfpakk - “Cry Wolf” (August 30th Release) Burning Rain - “Epic Obsession” (May 17th Release) Elton John - “The Diving Board” (September 24th Release) Dream Theater - “Dream … [Read more...]

“More Than Fun & Games”: Anvil in The Drummer’s Journal

The 12 Pages of Anvil as featured in The Drummer's Journal "Watching Anvil play made me realise why the room in which I was stood was also populated with 5000 other people." -Tom Hoare August's edition of The Drummer's Journal features a twelve-page spread about Anvil, the Canadian cult metal band. The feature, "More Than Fun & Games," is written by Tom Hoare and takes a comprehensive look at of one of metal's most influential and formerly neglected acts. The interview with Robb … [Read more...]

Daily Record Review of Anvil in Glasgow

Daily Record Review of Anvil in Glasgow Check out other Anvil tour dates HERE. … [Read more...]

Anvil Wacken Open Air Full Set Available to Stream Online This Week / Video Interview from the Festival also up

Anvil Wacken Open Air Full Set Available to Stream Online This Week / Video Interview from the Festival NDR has Anvil's entire Wacken Open Air 2013 set from this weekend streaming online over HERE (just this week - get there soon!) Watch their performance live on the WET stage! After that you can check out "Steve "Lips" Kudlow and Robb Reiner speaking in an interview with about the message of the new Anvil album "Hope In Hell" and fitness programs during their concert tours" HERE. … [Read more...]

New Noise Magazine’s “The Spins” Features Anvil, Godflesh, & Spirits Of The Dead

The Spins #1: Intoxicating Turntable Treats Featuring Anvil, Godflesh, & Spirits Of The Dead   Anvil Hope In Hell It’s hard not to like Anvil. The hapless duo may be terminally comical and musically obtuse, but one thing’s for sure, its got no shortage of spirit. Hope In Hell is the latest in a line of comeback albums since the documentary, The Story of Anvil came out a few years back. In true Anvil fashion, the album is full of traditional heavy metal and speed … [Read more...]

Anvil Included In Next Streetcult Loud Music Compilation CD!

Anvil Included In Streetcult Loud Music Compilation Volume 21 We are excited to have Anvil featured in the upcoming Loud Music Compilation from Streetcult! Keep an eye out for Volume 21 at concerts in your area to nab songs from: ASG, ANVIL, BLOWSIGHT, PRIMER 55, SAPIENCY, CLAWERFIELD, RIKSHA, DROWN IN GRACE, A BREACH OF SILENCE, RIOT IN TOYTOWN, ASOOL, NUCLEAR SALVATION, A BALANCE OF POWER, SOCIETY'S PLAGUE, DAYS WE ARE EVEN, DEAD LABEL, DETHRONE THE SOVEREIGN … [Read more...]

Anvil Interview at The Governor’s Ball

The Governor's Ball Wacken Preview 2013 Featuring Anvil Anvil was featured on Puregrainaudio for their new interview with The Governor's Ball. This interview preludes their presence at this year's Wacken Open Air in Germany. This is the largest annual gathering of metalheads in the world. You can listen to this interesting interview HERE! … [Read more...]

This Week on STEEL 93 Radio: Anvil

Anvil Added to STEEL 93 Radio   This week you'll hear songs from the following 2013 albums: Avantasia - “The Mystery Of Time” (April 30th Release) Tom Keifer - “The Way Life Goes” (April 30th Release) Kingdom Come - “Outlier” (May 7th Release) The Poodles - “Shut Up!” (May 17th Release) Burning Rain - “Epic Obsession” (May 17th Release) Airbourne - “Black Dog Barking” (May 21st Release) Black Star Riders - “All Hell Breaks Loose” (May … [Read more...]