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New Gigs Update for American Sharks!

American Shark's new shows: 10/19 & 10/25 10/19 The Gutter in Brooklyn, NY w/ Hector’s Pets, Dirty Fences and Nancy! 10/25 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Hampton Beach, NH w/ Clutch and The Sword Click to the link below to listen to 'American Sharks' Release … [Read more...]

American Sharks’ New Release Reviewed by Frank Foe

Frank Foe reviews American Sharks' new release 'American Sharks caught me off guard. This self-titled cd is one of the great surprises for me in 2013. The nine tracks leave me wanting more! Their sound and lyrics are over the top and ridiculously enjoyable!' Click HERE to read the review … [Read more...]

Review: American Sharks’ New Release ‘American Sharks’ by Metal Injection

Review: American Sharks New Release 'American Sharks' by Metal Injection 'Songs like "Iron Lungs" and "Satan's Overture Pt. 1" show a band adept at crafting ass-shaking riffs while the EP length running time also demonstrates a thoughtful penchant for restraint. ' Click HERE to read the review … [Read more...]

Loud Rock Weekly Top 10 for Station WLVR: American Sharks #9

American Sharks #9 on the Loud Rock Weekly Top 10 for Station WLVR Loud Rock Weekly Top 10 for Station WLVR: #        ARTIST         Recording           Label 1 DREAM THEATER Dream Theater Roadrunner 2 SOULFLY Savages Nuclear Blast 3 STRAY FROM THE PATH Anonymous Sumerian 4 CHARM THE FURY Shade Of My Former Self Pavement 5 DEVIL WEARS PRADA 8:18 Roadrunner 6 TWELVE FOOT NINJA Silent Machine Volkanik 7 OCEANO Incisions Century Media 8 GEMINI … [Read more...]

American Sharks/Hey!Hello!/HIM/The Mission on New Noise

American Sharks, Hey!Hello!, HIM, and The Mission feature in New Noise Magazine's "The Spins" In the second edition of  The Spins column, New Noise Magazine highlights four recent vinyl releases from The End Records-- "scuzzy Texas-trio" American Sharks' self-titled debut, the "pure sunshine power pop" of Hey! Hello!'s eponymous album, the "haunting melodic sounds" of  HIM's XX Two Decades Of Love Metal, and The Mission's "hard-rocking" The Brightest Light. Click HERE to check out what … [Read more...]

Crossfaith and American Sharks on the Spin List for The Metallic Onslaught 89.5 FM WEOS

Crossfaith and American Sharks on the Spin List for The Metallic Onslaught 89.5 FM WEOS SPINS Carcass - A Congealed Clot Of Blood Soulfly - Spiral Onslaught - Shellshock (Re-Recorded 2013) Metal Church - Scream Twilight Of The Gods - At Dawn We Ride Death Angel - Caster Of Shame Stormlord - Those Among The Pyre Infrared Radiation Orchestra - The Munsters Really Got Me Spater - Metal To The Meat Rivers Of Nihil - Soil & Seed Hell's Domain - A Good Day To … [Read more...]

Loud Rock Weekly Top 10: American Sharks #9!

American Sharks #9 in the Loud Rock Weekly Top 10 Loud Rock Weekly Top 10 for Station WLVR: #        ARTIST         Recording           Label 1 DEVILDRIVER Winter Kills Napalm 2 AVENGED SEVENFOLD Hail To The King Warner Brothers 3 SAFETY FIRE Mouth Of Swords InsideOut 4 FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Hellbound eOne 5 DEVIL WEARS PRADA 8:18 Roadrunner 6 CARCASS Surgical Steel Nuclear Blast 7 TWELVE FOOT NINJA Silent … [Read more...]

American Sharks Review in The Aquarian

"Unrelenting" American Sharks feature in The Aquarian "The sound American Sharks creates is so massive that it’s hard to believe it’s created by a trio of musicians." Robert Gluck reviews American Sharks brand new album for New Jersey's The Aquarian, noting the Texan trio's " hard rock style in a succinct delivery." The self-titled album, which clocks in at around the twenty-minute mark, has "a driving force that is produced by the Nick Cornetti’s pummeling drums, Mike Hardin’s … [Read more...]

Here’s The Metal Special Sale: Buy Crossfaith ‘APOCALYZE’ and/or American Sharks ‘American Sharks’ and Receive a Free Notebook

Here’s The Metal September is up and running: Buy Crossfaith 'APOCALYZE' and American Sharks 'American Sharks' to have a free notebook … [Read more...]

American Sharks and The Ripple Effect

"Good Old Fashioned Rock and Roll": American Sharks Review by The Ripple Effect "Heavy guitars, riff after glorious riff, and a shitload of adrenaline." Soda Bill writes for The Ripple Effect saying, "American Sharks gets released on CD and vinyl September 17th, 2013. Make sure you give it a listen, you'll be glad you did." "The album is fast paced. It's like the band took a page from punk pioneers like The Clash or the Sex Pistols, mixed it with some great Texas based rock with a hint … [Read more...]

American Sharks Interview with Houston Press

"Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know": American Sharks "American Sharks are, like Lady Caroline Lamb said of that early 19th-century rock star Lord Byron, mad, bad, and dangerous to know. The bong-loaded Austin trio had been reliably fucking shit up around Houston for a few years." Chris Gray for Houston Press presents American Sharks, sharing their video for "Overdrive", and examining their new album, their "influences", and their relationships with the law and their moms. What do the Sharks … [Read more...]

American Sharks on GrizzReviews

Release the Sharks! "The time is upon us!  American Sharks' debut album “American Sharks” is finally here via The End Records! The breakneck pace provided by Nick Cornetti (Drums), the primeval-punk vocals of Mike Hardin (Bass, Vocals) with Will Ellis’ slick technical guitar accentuated by a savage amount of fuzz and volume (Guitar) creates the signature sound of American Sharks. Collectively, the bad has hollowed out the standard body of stoner rock aspects, replacing the engine … [Read more...]