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  • C.Macleod - Old Fire EP

  • Old Fire EP

    There's "Shake The Walls," a rowdy, driving blues track based on an old tale from the Isle of Lewis. "Back among the mists of time," he explains, "there was a story of a man who prayed so fervently and angrily that his house shook by an otherworldly force. The song is through the eyes of the old man, how he would have reacted and what he would have felt."

    Then there's the title track and first single "Old Fire" - "a song about a certain type of individual you come across in the rural areas of the world - big, strong types with hands like granite, moulded by the environment they live in. It's an ode to hard work and working the ground." 

    Rounding out the EP is "100 Miles," which zooms away from his countryside as he describes life on the road... touring and going from here to there. "Sometimes you feel like you experience your friends' and family's lives in snapshots, ducking in and out, and how life can sometimes seem to carry on regardless." - C.Macleod

  • Tracklist

    01. Shake The Walls - 04:14
    02. Old Fire - 03:36
    03. 100 Miles (feat. Danny Wilson) - 05:09

    Release date: May 26th, 2017