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Billboard Reviews Anathema’s Show at Gramcery Theatre : Anathema Live In New York: Worth The Wait


Anathema Live In New York: Worth The Wait



After a thwarted attempt to tour in 2011, atmospheric rockers Anathema stake a claim in the U.S. with a powerful NYC show.

Anathema’s fans have been waiting years on end for the band to do a U.S. tour, a wish that nearly came true in 2011 when the  U.K. act was to support Blackfield in America. However, brothers Vincent and Daniel Cavanagh had to fulfill the obligation as an acoustic duo when the rest of Anathema unfortunately had to stay behind due to immigration issues -— a noble effort that showed the command the siblings can hold over a crowd with just two guitars and their voices. But the tour wound up being scrapped after Blackfield’s Steven Wilson needed to take bereavement leave due to the death of his father. That failed attempt contributed to high hopes for band and fans alike when Anathema took the stage for its first New York show at Gramercy Theatre on Saturday (Sept. 14), and this time no one walked away disappointed.

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