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Benno From Okta Logue Interviewed By Classic Rock Revisited

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Okta Logue 2013 Sandra Günther_5

‘The Scorpions may be the most famous German band to make it in America, but they may soon have competition from a group of Pink Floyd loving youngsters with a weird band name. The band is called Okta Logue and they are making interesting music that mixes the best of early Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead and other classic bands with today’s modern technologies and sounds.

For fans of classic rock, however, they are leaning heavily on the past and adding just a dash of the present day and a pinch of the future in their psych rock stew.The music of Okta Logue is unique, refreshing and gives hope to this jaded old rock critic that the Next Generation of Musicians may actually come up with something good.

Classic Rock Revisited caught up with the band’s vocalist and bass player Benno Herz to discuss both the formation and inspiration of the band as well as their plan to take over the world of music–and party like hell while they do it!’

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