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Virgin Black

Virgin Black

Virgin Black (ver-jin blak): An anomalous harmony between the juxtapositions of purity and humanitys darkness.


The music world is rife with bold claims that deliver little. Virgin Black is a band that has historically not only avoided that pitfall, but soared above it. The scope of its latest offering is ambitious almost to the point of absurdity. In a groundbreaking endeavour, Australia’s premier experimentalists will release three albums simultaneously. Each is a separate entity, but each is also linked through recurring musical themes and artistic motifs. When fully unfurled in all its grandeur, listeners will experience a grandiloquent over two and a half hour Requiem Mass with three stages of evolution.


Requiem – pianissimo is an entirely classical album with instrumentation performed by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and featuring spectacular choral arrangements along with tenor, mezzo-soprano and soprano solo voices. Requiem – pianissimo forsakes guitars and drums in favour of the melancholic tragedy and bombastic dynamics of classical composition.


Requiem – mezzo forte is where the band joins the orchestra and strikes a balance more reminiscent of previous Virgin Black outings, albeit, with greater epic breadth.


Requiem – fortissimo unleashes a sound infinitely heavier than anything in Virgin Black‘s history. While still retaining an air of classical sensibility, it concludes the series with an intense dose of death/doom.


With Virgin Black, ambition is a given. Requiem is beyond ambition.


Rowan London, Samantha Escarbe, David Mason, Matthew Enright