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These Are They


Following the recording of the These Are Theydebut CD, Who Linger, the band began writing what would become Disposing of Betrayersless then one year later. Recording with Chris Wisco (Michael Angelo Batio, Dirge Within, Jungle Rot) and mixing and mastering being handled by Dan Swano (Hail of Bullets, Edge of Sanity, Nightingale), the sound quality of this release is nothing short of stellar.


Taking a huge step forward in quality, These Are They have increased speed, aggression, and power to create what is possibility the strongest death metal release to come from the city of Chicago in years. Combining the classic style, with new elements and modern ideas, Disposing of Betrayers is sure to impress even the most stubborn of death metal fans.


A unique “nod” to the death metal pioneers, and Chicago native band Devastation, a cover of the classic “Cranial Hemorrhage” was recorded as part of this CD. Making this more special, These Are They invited original guitarist Erv Brautigam and vocalist Duane Rasmussen to join them with a guest appearance on the track. Erv created a blazing solo for the song, in which the original never had, and Duane lending his vocal talent, is the first time key members of Devastation have “reunited” in over 20 years. A special moment, you have to hear.


Keeping with their Chicago pride, These Are They have taken on a local topic for Disposing of Betrayers. A Chicago history rich with organized crime, this is the lyrical topic throughout the CD. Re-imagining stories, all taken from factual newspaper articles, makes this a unique topic, displaying only a very small part of a dominating world which still has ties to the city today. Some based in fact, some in fiction, but all for the fascination in the history of Chicago’s lore.


Paul Kuhr says “The process of writing this CD was quite unique. We knew exactly where we needed to go musically. The lyrical subject matter had to be approached more carefully. Taking a topic like Chicago crime history, and still making it a death metal record, posed more of a challenge for Steve and me, who wrote all the lyrics. I think the crushing production, aggressive riffing and drumming, and the interesting topic all came together to create what I feel is an amazing recording. I’m quite proud of this one.”


Steve Nicholson says: “Growing up on the streets of Chicago, its ‘underworld’ was always present. The streets were tough. Shady characters were a part of life, and you knew who were friend or foe. The dangerous subject of this collection had to be approached with tact. Along with the brutal deliverance of the music, we feel the final result will massacre the metal listener.”


Tony Bettenhausen (drums), Mike Flaherty (bass), Stephen Nicholson (guitar), Paul Kuhr (vocals), Justin Jurgevich (guitar)