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As bandleader Mr. Lordi has explained before: ”Create the band that you would like to see on stage. Write the songs you’d love to sing along to. That’s pretty much all that we love to do.” Band members Amen the unstoppable mummy, Awa the vampire countess, OX the hellbull, and Kita the alien manbeast, join Mr. Lordi to form an unstoppable rock n’ roll force hell bent on taking over the world.


The Finnish five-piece has been riding a whirlwind since 2006 starting with their show-stopping, never-before-seen Eurovision victory, the release of their own horror film, two European tours, two American tours, visits to Japan and New Zealand and several studio albums including their breakthrough disc, The Arockalypse.


Now it is time for the highly anticipated fifth studio album, Babez For Breakfast. World-renowned producer Michael Wagener, who has produced albums for Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper and Janet Jackson and mixed Metallica’s Master of Puppets, to name just a few, produced the album.  The album was recorded in early 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee and was released simultaneously in Europe, Japan and the USA in September 2010.


”We are very proud of this album,” said Mr. Lordi. “We went back to the basics and beyond. The new material is more rocking and melodic, but we have not forgotten horror elements either. This is the first time we have worked with a string orchestra and a gospel choir. This has been great fun! As our producer says, each song includes a lot of energy, emotion and entertainment. With this album we are eager to go back on the road and show our fans the new songs, outfits and tricks!”



I want to tell you secrets of our album. Come along!

As for the album title, it is an ironic answer to the question of whether monsters eat babies for breakfast or not. We twisted the final letter ‘s’ to a ‘z,’ which changed the pronunciation. With this twist we wanted to state that this album is not as serious as Deadache.

Babez for Breakfast, the song itself, talks about rock stars that exaggerate their huge sex drive. This song also addresses Gene Simmons who lives two roles of a public sex machine and a family man.

This Is Heavy Metal is a statement for music. In our band’s opinion, real heavy metal is genre, what is called today classic rock. We wanted to make it crystal clear what heavy metal really is all about for us. The song has a flavor of KISS, Accept, and perhaps little bit of Danzig.

Rock Police is a real 80’s hair metal song. This is a definitive live song and one of the band’s favorites.

Discoevil is the oldest song on the album. We wanted to have this song on all of our albums, but it did not fit into the album’s flow until now. As a matter of fact, the song was one of the first songs chosen to the album.

Call of the Wedding is written with Bruce Kulick and Jeremy Rubolino. Their idea was to record a huge American stadium ballad in style of KISS and Alice Cooper. Bruce Kulick plays a guitar solo and Rubolino conducts a string orchestra. This is also the first time in Lordi’s history that we have a string orchestra on our album.

I Am Bigger Than You is a heavier song, which talks about being mentally above other – above those who are bitching at you.

ZombieRawkMachine is a song co-written by our guitarist Mr. Amen. The song is based on Amen’s basic riffs. We had a lot of fun recording zombies and their rock machine.

Midnite Lover is also based on one of Amen’s songs. This is almost a pop song. It tells about a guy who wants to get rid of his wife’s lover. At the end you will find out that the narrator is a psychopath and the lover is a husband! This is a psychological killer thriller with a Lordi-like twist in a c-part.

Give Your Life for Rock ‘n’ Roll is co-written with Mr. Ox. This song even has a gospel choir in the end.  This song is about the passing of musicians who contributed to the greatness of 80’s heavy metal such as Eric Carr and Cliff Burton.

Nonstop Nite started from a chorus composed by PK Hell and Amen on the way from Vaasa to Rovaniemi in 2008. The song was built around the chorus. This was also the first song recorded that we recorded for the album.

Amen’s Lament to Ra is a short intro commissioned years ago by the rest of the band. Amen wrote this ”accidentally” while tuning his guitar and checking the microphones. Wagener and I said: “Now this sounds good, turn the recorder on!”

Loud And Loaded is a real 80’s killer and one of the band’s favorites. This song talks about a disturbed individual who cannot get his act together, but is still as aggressive as an adult as he has always been.

Granny’s Gone Crazy is a song I wrote with Mr. Ox. This tells about a granny, who takes justice into her own hands and starts cutting out badly behaving people. Mark Slaughter guests on this song!

Devil’s Lullaby is structured very differently from other Lordi songs. The song has an actual chorus and it merely obeys a structure of a classic lullaby.


Ms. Awa (keyboard), Mr. Lordi (vocals), Mr. Ox (bass), Mr. Amen (guitar)