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Hey! Hello!

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Hey. Come here. I gotta tell you something
Hey, wait up a second! Ok, yeah there’s a bug on you. Oh maaan, it looks sooo bitey and angry!!
On your arm–THERE!! See it?? No…?
Ok, stop. There was never a bug on you. I made it up. I’m sorry.
In the meantime, did you notice what has so fortuitously fallen into my lap…? Oh yes, it is most definitely your ATTENTION!
So, this is all very well timed as I have some fairly major information to share with you. Now, bear in mind that this is the sort of intel that could potentially disrupt every aspect of your universe. Your feelings towards the humans in your life will be irreparably altered. Your worldview, or maybe your Weltanschauung(if you prefer the added sexy gravitas of exotic German synonyms that teaches me) will almost certainly change forever.
Ok, are you standing? Yeah, you might wanna sit down. (Obviously, if you are sitting down, you are definitely gonna wanna stand up.)
Here is the scoop:
They made something. Oh my matching arms and legs, did they ever make something!! Here is the best part: they made it for YOU.
Who is “they” you ask?? Well, obviously “they” is the excessively sweet-smelling, ambitiously color coordinating, nonsense generating, imagination capturing, imagination releasing followed by immediate imagination recapturing, guitar noise purveying transatlantic pop/rock band answering to the name Hey! Hello! Mind you, they might also answer to “delicious cheeseburger for the aural senses” or possibly “Charnold”(only if a funny voice is used). However, for the sake of conciseness, you need only concern yourself with the band’s true name, Hey! Hello!

Hey! Hello! is only two persons: Victoria Liedtke and Ginger Wildheart. Victoria and Ginger feel strongly about the band maintaining a two-person structure as a means to help establish their reputation for being “on the pulse” of the hottest trends in music (strong height differentials are ALL THE RAGE right now).
With all of that in mind, let’s turn the beat around and circle back to my original statement. So, Hey! Hello! made something. They artsandcrafted something using all of their skills and talents. What was yielded from all of this high powered making, you wonder? Now, brace yourself because holy handsfeetsandmouths, it’s a brand new album of rocknroll songs! Huzzah! Hooray for
Birthdays! Merry Christmas Forever! Everybody Are The Champions, My Friends!
Oh, and as a courtesy to the listeners who may prefer unhorrible albums, Hey! Hello! decided to make every song on the album the best song on the album! BONUS ROUND!!! Huzzah! Hooray for Birthdays! Merry Christmas Forever! Everybody Are The Champions, My Friends!
Hey! Hello! release their debut album on The End records on Tuesday 23rd July. It smells like the perfect aromatic combination of strawberry gum and those bags of frozen ladybugs you get at the gardening store.
Love Victoria



Victoria Liedtke
Ginger Wildheart