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Goes Cube

Goes Cube has gained notoriety for two things: their fierce independence, and for being fierce, period. Indeed, the trio is most often described as brutal, heavy, and loud. Their live shows are renowned for not only the volume they are able to produce, but the pure energy with which they perform. Perhaps Stereogum put it best when they cited the band’s “sledgehammer assault.”


It would be easy to call them a metal band. After all, their music is heavy, loud, and often fast. ButGoes Cube continually demonstrates that it exists in a universe all its own: outside the trends and styles of New York (where the band formed), and outside of the standard metal tropes.


In 2009, Goes Cube astounded critics in the US and Europe with their debut full-length Another Day Has Passed. Publications cheered the abundance of riffs and aggression pummeling through thick atmosphere, dynamic shifts, and nostalgic nods to punk, noise-rock, and hardcore. It was enough to earn the record a spot on Decibel Magazine’s list of the 40 best albums in 2009.


After touring (with the likes of HelmetIntronaut, and East of the Wall) and an acclaimed EP onCoextinction Recordings in 2010, Goes Cube is poised to make 2011 their biggest year yet with their second full length album entitled In Tides And Drifts. While most bands become more polished, and more produced, Goes Cube did away with the sheen, and opted, instead, for pure rawness. Going against the grain of the current metal scene, the band the band took a stripped-down approach, and a very simple philosophy: make the heavy heavier, fast faster, hooky hookier, and pretty prettier. The result is a savage album consisting of 13 lean, extremely mean songs that total just over 40 minutes.


How unlikely then that within those ruthless 40-plus minutes of music, listeners will find the gorgeous voice of acclaimed folk singer, Jaymay on two of the album’s songs. Her haunting melodies break hearts as the band behind her batters eardrums.


Goes Cube have never been your typical musicians. All of them are self-taught, and as such they have a sound and style all their own. They reject the notion of what it typically means to be in a metal. but their mark is undeniable. After years of touring and recording some of the most eye-opening music, Goes Cube has proven themselves to be one of the most exciting and exhilarating bands in America.



Kenny Appell (drums), David Obuchowski (guitar, vocals), Matt Tyson (bass)