The End Records

Funeral For a Friend

Titled Conduit, it’s the follow up to 2011’s critically acclaimed ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’ and is the first album since the addition of new drummer Pat Lundy. Funeral For A Friend chose to work with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bullet For My Valentine, Lostprophets) again after their success partnering on the band’s last couple of records. Vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye speaks of their working union, To me he gets our individual personalities and works his magic with each of us, making sure that we’re all comfortable with what we have to do for the record.”

 Conduit is an album about being in a band and the title reflects what that means to the members of Funeral For A Friend. As Matt puts it, “Five people on a stage, a conduit for the message and the music, delivering that to people who want to listen in, be a part of whatever it is that we’re doing and being involved. It’s purely about delivering the message. After 10 years of being a band, we see how much what we’ve done has affected people who care about our stuff. Whether it’s lyrics or whatever, these songs transcend us and become something more to a lot more people. It sounds lofty I know but that’s how it feels to us when we meet the folks who dig our band and who treat these songs with so much love and respect. It blows our minds constantly.”