The End Records

Early Man

When it comes the music of Early Man, the formula is simple: riffs that detonate on impact, a rhythm section on fire and vocals that soar to Mt. Olympus. It’s all about the delivery!


Since releasing a jolting self-titled EP and their debut full-length, Closing In, in 2005, the Brooklyn-based group has made a name for itself in the music scene, winning music critics and fans over with their straight-to-the-jugular rock attitude that champions the sounds of everything from Black Sabbath and NWOBHMto early Metallica and even punk rock.


Now the band returns finally with a brand new EP and a second full-length on the horizon, both to be released by their new home label, The End Records. The new material kicks more ass than ever—faster, thrashier, and more to the point.  Early Man want metalheads everywhere to know that they aren’t fucking around. It wasn’t always exciting times for  Early Man, however…


When guitarist/vocalist Mike Conte first moved to New York City from Columbus, Ohio in 1998, he was broke. These early days were spent scrounging up recording equipment and, with the help of a drum machine, demoing music that would eventually become the first emanations of  Early Man. In 2003, after several stalled attempts to get the band off the ground, Conte hooked up with Columbus, Ohio-native and friend, drummer Adam Bennati.


The pairing was exactly what Conte needed to take the band to the next level. Soon the duo was playing the NYC club circuit and making a name for themselves. Early Man released their three-song EP on independent NYC-based label Monitor Records in the spring of 2005 before Matador Records snatched them up to release their debut album, Closing In, later that year.


Closing In was a hulking monster of an album: heavy and tight, with a towering array of rocking numbers that the duo of Early Man shaped with their passion and drive to live it to the fullest. The album’s first single, “Death is the Answer”, revealed the band’s Black Sabbath influences while also serving up a unique speed metal intensity. It was the perfect song to showcase Early Man’s sound and style, and it eventually found its way to MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball for several weeks of rotation.


The band took to the road with new addition, guitarist Pete Macy, who Conte says “added a whole new dimension to what we were doing.” Since, Early Man has toured extensively for the past three years with such acts as MastodonTurbonegroThe SwordPriestessVenom and 3 Inches Of Blood.



Mike Conte (singer, guitar, bass), Adam Bennati (drums), Pete Macy (guitar)