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Dead Letter Circus


The tropical live music hub of Brisbane has produced some incredible bands over the years, and at the fore of that beloved lineage are Dead Letter Circus. For their entire career, the quintet have been a groundbreaking live act and a staple of Australian alternative radio, igniting the hearts of two generations of loyal fans since debuting with their now-legendary self-titled EP. Arriving seemingly out of nowhere, but with a sound far beyond their years, Dead Letter Circus hit the ground running, and haven’t taken a single step backwards since – releasing one blistering record after the next, to become one of the most popular alternative rock bands Australia has ever produced.

Although surmising the mountain with their debut self-titled EP, it was their first album, 2010’s This Is The Warning, that set the avalanche in motion. The album was universally praised, and introduced the band’s defining sound, aptly described by The AU Review for its “sharp staccato bass lines, heavily delayed guitars, high melodic vocals and driving drum beats.” Wrapping this larger-than-life sound around some epic, imaginative songwriting, This Is The Warning delivered a handful of successful singles which cemented Dead Letter Circus’ place alongside the nation’s best heavy, alternative bands.

Rather than fall off the radar or fall prey to the second album blues, Dead Letter Circus’ sophomore release was an even bigger success, taking the band to massive heights at home, and breaking their name internationally. Debuting at #2 on the ARIA charts, taking out the coveted triple j Feature Album spot, and earning an omnibus of glowing reviews, The Catalyst Fire was a masterpiece. Heralded by The Music as “powerful, energetic, uplifting and inspiring”, The Catalyst Fire was a labour of love that showed the heights Dead Letter Circus could climb together, culminating in songs like fan favourite Lodestar, with its endless drive and impossibly huge vocals.

Continuing their artistic ascension, Dead Letter Circus are set to drop their third and most majestic album to date, Aesthesis. Led by sizzling first single While You Wait, which combines the classic Dead Letter Circus sound with a distinct, almost retro-futurist vocal delivery, Aesthesis is the triumphant accomplishment of a band who never fail to find fresh ground in the rock world. Once again turning to friend and uber producer Forrester Savell (who has worked on all their albums) Dead Letter Circus have taken to Aesthesis with the same creative daring that earned them their fans in the first place. Renowned for setting an impeccable standard across the board – in their songs, in their performance and in their production – Aesthesis smashes even the band’s own strict self expectations. It is the greatest record they’ve written.

Co-produced by Matt Bartlem (Matt Corby, Jarryd James) and mixed by Grammy Award-winning Chris Lord-Alge (Muse, Green Day, U2), Aesthesis harks back to the very beginning for Dead Letter Circus, when they were an unknown band dropping their first EP, and the soaring voice of Kim Benzie was just about to blow up the airwaves. Driven by the same musical ambition as they were then, Dead Letter Circus now stand as one of the great Australian bands, unaffected by trends coming and going around them and resolute in delivering epically sculpted, anti-typical rock.