The End Records



North Carolina’s Braveyoung was formed in late 2005 by brothers Zachary and Isaac Jones, Kyle Whisenant and Derrick Wells. Prior to recording the first full-length album, entitledSong, the addition of Rodney Hicks rounded out what would be the first touring situation for the band.


Song was released by a long time friend’s upstart label, Southern Empire Records in early 2006. After touring fairly extensively, a friendship garnered from touring the U.S. withTides (RI) birthed the release of a split 12″, released on Level Plane/Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records. In 2007, The End Recordsand Braveyoung (then Giant) partnered up. Soon after, Rodney split from the group, amicably, to pursue other interests. In January of 2008,Braveyoung went into the studio to record the next full length as a four piece. The recording experience failed to produce what the band wanted as their sophomore release, and much to their personal distress, refused to release the record as it was recorded. However, the setback helped the group realize a greater potential in the addition of Benjamin Saperstein and the limited edition vinyl release of Bloom.


In the summer of 2009, Braveyoung toured Europe for five weeks with City of Ships, with another close friendship born from time on the road. Derrick left the group after the time spent in Europe to pursue other things as well, and after more U.S. touring as a four piece once again, in June of 2010, Braveyoungrecorded what will be their first full length since Song, the lush and hypnotic soundscape entitled We Are Lonely Animals.