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Anvil’s ‘Hope in Hell’ Reviewed by Broken Neck Radio!

Anvil’s 15th studio release, Hope in Hell – out May 28th, receives positive review from Broken Neck Radio! The review commends Anvil for staying true to their roots that have inspired metal bands worldwide.

“For one as you may or may not know is that a lot of metal bands out there look up to Anvil, and I can see where that comes from.  Listening to this album there is so many different styles you can hear in it.  For example, “The Fight Is Never Won” if you listen you can hear the old crunch sound that Iron Maiden used in their debut album, “Pay the Toll” you can hear a style that Guns n’ Roses used in their songs. Just listening to the songs and having heard the bands play that style I can see why there is bands that look up to Anvil as gods in the Metal genre.”


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