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Anvil #5 on the Loud Rock Weekly Top 20 for Station WORT-FM


This week’s WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20:


1) DARK TRANQUILLITY  Construct   Century Media
2) SODOM    The Epitome of Torture     SPV
3) MEGADETH   Super Collider  Tradecraft
4) DEW SCENTED   Insurgent   Prosthetic
5) ANVIL    Hope In Hell   The End
6) THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER   Everblack    Metal Blade
7) DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN    One of Us Is The Killer   Sumerian
8) NEGATOR    Gates To The Pantheon   Prosthetic
9) THE RESISTANCE   Scars    Eagle Rock
10) ENTRAILS    Raging Death   Metal Blade
11) IMMOLATION   Kingdom of Conspiracy   Nuclear Blast
12) WHITE WIZZARD   The Devils Cut    Century Media
13) TRISTANIA      Darkest White    Napalm
14) AMORPHIS    Circle    Nuclear Blast
15) EVILE    Skull     Century Media
16) INTO THE FLOOD   Vices   Century Media
17) BLACK SABBATH    13   Republic
18) CHILDREN OF BODOM     Halo of Blood   Nuclear Blast
19) PASADENA NAPALM DIVISION   Pasadena Napalm Division   Minus Head
20) SCALE THE SUMMIT   The Migration   Prosthetic


Also check out WORT-FM’s current release spins:

ARTIST     ,        SONG   ,       ALBUM     ,      LABEL

AMORPHIS    “Enchanted By The Moon”     Circle     Nuclear Blast
ANVIL    “Pay The Toll”     Hope In Hell       The End
ATROCITY    “Satan’s Braut’    Okkult    Napalm
BATTLECROSS    “Force Fed Lies”    Force Fed Lies (Single)    Metal Blade
CARDIANT      “Justice Turns Into Revenge”     Verge     Marquee Inc.
CLOCK STRIKES XII    “Enter In”      Enter In (Single)      Clock Strikes XII
DARK TRANQUILLITY    “The Silence In Between”    Construct    Century Media
DEATH RAY VISION    “Not For Glory”    Get Lost or Get Dead EP    Bullet Tooth
DECAYING     “Code Name Overlord”     The Last Days of War     Hell Thrasher
DEW-SCENTED    “Slaughterhouse”   Insurgent    Metal Blade
ELDKRAFT   “Fate’s Door”   Shaman     Metal Blade
ENTRAILS   ” BloodHammer”    Raging Death       Metal Blade
EVILE    “The Naked Sun”     Skull      Earache Records Ltd.
IMMOLATION    “Keep The Silence”   Kingdom of Conspiracy    Nuclear Blast
INTO THE FLOOD    “Destroyer”    Vices    Century Media
MEGADETH     “Kingmaker”    Super Collider    Andy Gould 360
NEGATOR  “Carnal Malefactor”   Gates to the Pantheon    Prosthetic
SODOM    “Cannibal”    Epitome of Torture      SPV
STARKILL    “Strength in the Shadow”    Fires of Life    Century Media
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER   “In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me”    Everblack      Metal Blade
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN     “Nothing’s Funny”  One Of Us Is The Killer    Remote Control Records
TIMO TOLKKI’S AVALON      “Avalanche Anthem”     The Land of New Hope   Frontiers Records
TRISTANIA    “Number”    Darkest White       Napalm Records
UDO    “Devil’s Bite”      Steelhammer      AFM
WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER      “1000 Volt”      Projekt Herz    Redfield
WHITE WIZZARD     “Lightning In My Hands”     The Devils Cut     Earache Records Ltd.
YOUR LAST WISH     “Crisis To Creation”        Desolation       Maple Metal Records