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Anvil ‘Hope In Hell’ All Week on Steel 93 Radio

 Steel 93 Radio is back and will play Anvil ‘Hope In Hell’ this week!


The STEEL 93 Time Machine has landed in the year 2013. We not only inform you of Rock ‘N’ Roll’s glorious past, but it’s current splendor here & now. This week you’ll hear songs from the following 2013 albums:

Wolfpakk – “Cry Wolf” (August 30th Release)
Burning Rain – “Epic Obsession” (May 17th Release)
Elton John – “The Diving Board” (September 24th Release)
Dream Theater – “Dream Theater” (September 24th Release)
Nine Inch Nails – “Hesitation Marks” (August 30th Release)
Sammy Hagar – “Sammy Hagar & Friends” (September 24th Release)
Airbourne – “Black Dog Barking” (May 21st Release)
Black Star Riders – “All Hell Breaks Loose” (May 21st Release)
U.D.O. – “Steelhammer” (May 21st Release)
Anvil – “Hope In Hell” (May 24
th Release)
Thankz to the following labels:
The End Records
Frontiers Records