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antiMUSIC Singled Out: The Candles’ “Believe You Now”

Singled Out: The Candles‘ Believe You Now

The Candles 2013-2

“Today The Candles frontman (and Norah Jones bassist) Josh Lattanzi tells us about the song “Believe You Now” from their brand new album “La Candelaria”. Here is the story:

This song was one of the first I wrote for the batch that would eventually make up La Candelaria. Lyrically, it’s pretty self explanatory. Not too many hidden messages. It’s really an observation of several friends’ simultaneous experiences with their significant others that didn’t end up well. Most of us have experienced, at one point or another, being told they need to change certain aspects of their life or the other person ain’t gonna stick around. I thought it was a universal enough theme to write about. The gist of the chorus lyrics is, “Hey, you’re telling me to change or you’re gonna leave. Whatever, you’re bluffing. Then – the other person is gone. OK, I believe you now.” Them’s the breaks!”

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