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American Sharks in Stereogum’s “The Black Market: The Month In Metal – July 2013”

The Black Market: The Month In Metal – July 2013, Featuring American Sharks

“Everything on display in this month’s Black Market is pretty goddamn excellent. Check it out, and let us know in the comments what we missed, what you love, what kinda heavy shit dominated your playlists/headphones/speakers in July 2013.

American Sharks – “XVI”

Location: Austin, TX
Subgenre: Sludge Punk

A heat wave settled on the Northeast the week before last. Temperatures spiked into the high 90s. Walking the streets of New York City felt like plunging through microwaved chowder. (It smelled that way, too.) American Sharks deal with such sultry climes on the regular in Austin, where they’re based. Their music suits the sticky atmosphere — burly, fuzzy rock that’s equally well-suited to block parties as to clammy mosh pits. “XVI” is the kind of song that demands to be described as a jam. American Sharks crank through the namechecks at a furious pace — Torche, Queens Of The Stone Age, Danzig, and various other riffy rumblers — but the song is over before you have time to shotgun a Tecate and crank up the AC. You should really blast this one with the windows down on your way to the beach, but for now, just listen. [The End] –Doug Moore”


Read Stereogum’s full Top 15 in Metal list for July, and stream “XVI”, HERE. Also featuring All Pigs Must Die, Carcass, Pelican, and more.


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