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    The seeds of Aloke’s second full-length ALIVE were sown in the summer of 2007. The New York band, featuring Christian Zucconi of the indie rock collective Grouplove, headed to Chicago to record with legendary producer and noise merchant Steve Albini. But the album was ultimately shelved when things fell apart, as they often do for young bands.

    Much of the album centers on the nine-year relationship Zucconi had prior to meeting Hooper, so it captures the transitional time in his life, from heartbreak to a new beginning, infusing the album with raw emotion that is as real as the processes used to record it.

    Zucconi summed it up best, saying, “It’s relevant because music is cyclical and it’s not dated. I want to see if people respond or give a shit at all. But it’ll get its chance.”

    ALIVE is what the “kids today” need to be exposed to. No laptops. No clicks. No software. Just real rock ‘n’ roll.

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