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    The breakneck pace provided by Nick Cornetti (Drums), the primeval-punk vocals of Mike Hardin (Bass, Vocals) with Will Ellis’ slick technical guitar accentuated by a savage amount of fuzz and volume (Guitar) creates the signature sound of American Sharks. Collectively, American Sharks have hollowed out the standard body of stoner rock aspects, replacing the engine with the intensity of modern metal techniques. The volume is always set to auditory annihilation and the foot is always on the gas, firing through songs until their (and most times, the crowd’s) tank is empty.

    The American Sharks’ origins lie in Houston, Texas where Mike Hardin and Will Ellis formed the band with an alternate drummer and fourth man in 2007. Creating a following from detonating at house parties, a consequent move further south into Austin slimmed the band to a three piece replacing the original drummer with Nick Cornetti. Cornetti recorded and released the debut EP “WeedWizard” through his indie label, Pau Wau Records. The single “Indian Man” and the accompanying music video grasped the attention of renowned Austin retro-metal group the Sword, leading to an opening slot in their 2012 tour. In 2013 American Sharks were an official SXSW artist, headlining the Volcom Showcase as well as headlining the Pau Wau Records showcase. Their debut LP was recorded with Bryan Richie of the Sword and released via The End Records. 

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